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Dr. Guy S. Etienne and Cheztieno are proud to partner with ByDyzne: products inspired by you, designed for you. Dr. Etienne is a wellness specialist who has worked closely with ByDyzne to create and distribute products specially made to improve every individual’s health and way of life. Contact him directly through us to ask for guidance and advice when it comes to leading a happier, healthier life, and receive personal recommendations for ByDyzne products that will benefit you.

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Why Choose Us?

Cheztieno is the wellness partner of ByDyzne, owned and operated by Dr. Guy S. Etienne. Dr. Etienne has been a gynecologist and a trusted wellness advisor for more than 20 years. We are committed to advising as many individuals as we can to help them lead healthier lives. We help them find the products best suited to their needs and create tailored solutions for their background, way of life, and more. Work with professionals and skip referrals, wait times, and trial-and-error. Take your health into your hands with Cheztieno partnered with ByDyzne today.

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